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Portrait of Ross Walker

Portrait of Ross Walker

Ross came over after a few drinks. I had already helped myself to a few drinks as well. We continued to drink beer and whiskey through the duration of the portrait. Ross is the only guy I know who wears a suit to work. This particular suit was also his wedding suit. During one of the breaks he brushed up against my palette and smeared oil paint over the back of his suit jacket. His wife, Courtney, spent an hour cleaning the paint off with Gamsol. I think the expression in the painting comes from him being drunk and pissed off after smearing paint on his suit. He also lost his wedding rind while he was over. He didn't notice that until he and his wife were leaving. Fortunately the suit came clean with the combination of the quick Gamsol rubdown and I found his wedding ring in my dish drainer a few days later. Ross definitely wins the award for drunkest portrait subject.


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